Best bikes in town

We offer different types of bikes.

Road Bikes

Are you taking part in the Barcelona Garmin triathlon this year? or climbing Barcelona's 2 picks (Montjuic Castle and Tibidabo). Reserve a bike and exceed your limits.
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Mountain Bikes

Feeling a little bit more adventurous? why not try one of our mountain bikes?
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City Bikes

Do you feel like cyling along the old harbour and Barcelona beaches? Cycle the city at your own pace and discover the secrets hidden in its corners, plazas and alleys
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Bikes for Kids

Bikes for both boys and girls in different sizes. Our bikes for children are both light weight and easy to handle. Barcelona has plenty of bikelanes for them to cycle around safely.
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Folding Bikes

With our folding bikes, you have the ability to get around easily. We have different types of folding bikes, to suit all sizes. These bikes are smaller that standard bike, which makes it easier for you to get around.
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Would you like to cruise along the seafront, or perhaps a lead back ride around the streets of Barcelona? So this specialty is for you
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We have available plenty of accessories: Helmets, back-racks, child seats, baskets, trolleys,etc
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