Customized Guided bike tours

Bike Rental Barcelona organizes tours by bicycle around the city for companies, taking in the most attractive landmarks of historic and modern Barcelona.

We can also adapt our routes to meet your particular needs and visiting plans. We can deliver and collect the bicycles at different points, for example beginning the tour at your hotel and ending at a restaurant of your choice for lunch, dinner or tapas.

You can also look at our different themed tours.

We use bicycle paths as much as possible to guarantee the safety of the group.

Our guides speak several languages and we do our best to find a guide or monitor to do the tour in your native language.
"We customize our routes to fit in with your plans and interests. You set the pace... our aim is to have a good time together"
"The tour can include one or two tapas stops to refuel you. So culture, sport and gastronomy are rolled into one experience!"